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Jake Goddard

Jake Goddard

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Jake Goddard, an Arsenal Sales Development Representative, operates our lead generation process for you using the phone, email,, Autopilot HQ, and various technologies. He will collect sales intelligence on the best managed IT accounts in your market and setup qualified sales appointments.


This is an ongoing, month-to-month partnership. We do not require long-term contracts. You have the option to opt-in to a contract at at your convenience.



We will perform service(s) as described in the Statement of Work(s) section.



There are no fees for implementation (month 1). A deposit in the amount of your monthly fee will be required to begin implementation. This deposit will be applied as payment for month 2 of services (the go-live month). Normal invoicing and payment schedules resume thereafter.



Payment for service(s) will be due on the 1st of each month. By default, you will be enrolled in a monthly recurring subscription and payment will be processed on the designated credit card and/or ACH designated bank account on the due date. You may elect to pay via physical check. Invoices for check paying customers will be delivered electronically on or around the 15th for the following month’s services (net 15). Paying by automated ACH will yield an automatic $50 monthly recurring discount.



Revenue sharing fees will be paid directly to your sales representative as a 1099 contractor. Time of is of the essence with respect to paying your sales representative - pay promptly after collect payment from the new client. Canceling services does not cancel fees. If your sales development representative voluntarily terminates employment with Arsenal, then the remainder of revenue sharing fees will be paid to Arsenal.


Revenue Sharing

$3,750/month + 10% revenue sharing on gross recurring won through appointments paid over 12 months (MRR paid monthly, QRR paid quarterly, etc.) to the sales rep and 5% revenue sharing on gross project revenue won through appointments paid in a lump sum Ex. Win a $5,000/month customer and pay $500/month for the next 12 months. Win a $10,000/quarter customer and pay $1,000/quarter over the next 12 months. Win a $50,000 project and/or one-time sale and pay $2,500 one time. Use code "Revenue Sharing" at checkout.



Either party may cancel this agreement without penalty for any reason or no reason at all by submitting a written notice of cancellation to the other. To cancel services with Arsenal, you must notify us via email by the 25th day of the month, as follows:



Cc: Include your BDR's email address and his/her supervisor's email address

Subject: Notice of Cancellation - (your company name)


We will provide services for the remainder of the month, unless otherwise instructed. You will be able to download your full pipeline via our CRM or may request we download and send to you in .xls/.csv format.



We may cancel and/or suspend services for non-payment on or after the 5th of the month.



We retain the intellectual property rights to everything we create, collect, develop, etc. You hold a perpetual license to use, edit, distribute, post, etc. these items as you please.



We will not release, or make public, info designated as confidential. You will be listed on our online partner map.



You are hiring us as an independent contractor.



Any litigation will be filed in a Court of Franklin County, Missouri and be interpreted under the law of Missouri.



For the duration of our partnership, we will not prospect or sell to the same businesses or contacts for a competitor. After our partnership has ended, we will not repurpose competitive intelligence (info not easily available to public) gained through our process for a competitor. You forfeit this right if you attempt to, or actually, refuse to pay, modify, and/or evade subscription fees and/or revenue sharing fees.



During the implementation period (approximately the first 30 days), you may elect to receive a full refund of your initial payment provided:

1.) Arsenal as not procured and furnished you with a list or prospects

2.) Arsenal has yet to commence with sales calls at the beginning of Month 2 (the sales launch)

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