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If you're considering our outbound lead generation and appointment setting program...

  • It is almost guaranteed you will NOT make your entire investment back within 3 months.

  • Do not plan on "trying us out" for 3 months. If this thought crossed your mind, please look elsewhere because we don't want to start a half-hearted effort.

  • If you are calculating cost per lead, cost per sales appointment, etc. you are in the WRONG spot. CPL is a metric made up by marketing companies to make you feel good about all of leads you are NOT converting to revenue. Our advice is to NOT incentivize your vendor to increase quantity of anything except actual proposals and sales. You can always turn off a vendor and continue to work valuable leads. You can't recoup wasted money. If you want low prices, go to Wal-Mart; if you want to meet with prospective new customers, work with us.

  • Calculate our value like this: $ spent vs potential revenue you've gotten in front of and/or closed that you otherwise wouldn't have had a shot at.

  • Your sales cycle will be 45-90 days if you run a thorough sales process - longer if you don't. No one will beg you to take their money.

  • Do NOT quit after a few months because you only have $10,000/month in proposals out but no closed deals. It's coming...winning business still takes time. We do not promote or sell get rich quick schemes. See:

  • Be upfront with your pricing to your prospects - they appreciate transparency, just like you do. Also NO ONE CAN BUY if they don't know how much your services cost. Prospects to do not make the decision to meet with you to see "if they like you" or if there's "a culture fit" until they have an approximate idea if there's a budgetary fit. There's time for you to see if you like the customer after they decide to tell you they can afford your services. Better to be in a position where you can decide to walk away from a customer.

  • Propose business to everyone. If they become unhappy with their current vendor, then how do they pull your info and start comparing if they don't know what you'll do and for what cost? Upfront pricing and contract submission creates trust.

  • You will likely attend 2 - 3 sales meetings in Month 2 (the first month sales calls).

  • You will attend roughly 3 - 6 meetings per month thereafter - and will take time to get the average up. We setup as many as we can...period. There is no quota. 

  • Sales appointments in the first month of calling are set purely due to lucky timing.

  • Building a sales pipeline takes months, whether we build it or your rep builds it.

  • We do NOT create needs or urgency with your prospects. We run a process to get you in front of qualified buyers. It is your job to make sure your company has a compelling offering and value props. 

  • We collect sales intelligence, develop relationships, and stay top of mind with your prospects until they have issues and are receptive to meeting with you.

  • If you calculate the value our work by $ per dial, you are wasting your time and are in the wrong spot. Please contact a call center and ask for a quote to have an hourly worker dial through an excel doc, and twist your prospects arm for appointments that do not include call recordings (for obvious reasons). This service will be $1500 - $2500/month and you likely be one of many MSPs represented in your market. This is a popular option among guys who focus on cost per lead.

  • No one wants to take a sales meeting with you for the thrill of it...if we call and set up a sales meeting, it's because your prospect is having issues with their technology and/or current MSP and they're open to someone else winning their business. If you do not win their business, that's ok, don't beat yourself up, there will be more opportunities. Also, continue to follow up with them, their current vendor will drop the ball sooner or later!

  • You might not be the "closer" you think you are, and it may be a wake up call as you transition from selling referrals and inbound leads to selling outbound generated opportunities (frequently your competitors best clientele). A 10 - 15% win rate on outbound opportunities we tee up for you is totally reasonable and acceptable. Do NOT hold yourself to the same standard win rate you have on referrals and inbound opportunities - it does not translate and is not a fair standard for you! 

  • You will have to sell the value of your company, level of service, customer service, employees, etc. the whole package...and provide compelling value as to why the prospect should work with you! These opportunities will be difficult to win, but they will be profitable when you win them! 

  • We follow the same rules. Many of our own meetings have no showed or rescheduled before buying. It doesn't discourage us nor should it you. 

We care very much about your success and our partnership. We know you're picky about who you choose to work with - so are we! Our goal is to clearly list expectations and layout what success looks like for our partners who are transitioning from referral growth (usually 20 employees or less / $10MM ARR or less).

We will also offer our advice on how to refine your sales process if you're open to it. If any of this made you uncomfortable and you feel singled-out that's ok, we can help you. If you already know who we are what we're about to do for you, then congrats, we're going to have a blast growing your business! 


Happy selling and good luck!  

- Aaron and the Arsenal Team!

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