Frequently Asked Questions

Outbound Lead Generation

No Contracts

We only offer month-to-month programs for ongoing services. We realize we're in a performance-based industry where our clients judge us on trust and delivering results. We only want to work with you if you want to work with us. No lock-ins or "gotcha" clauses.


We remain committed to open and transparent pricing. Sales as a Service - $5,000 + revenue sharing fee Outbound Lead Generation - $4,250 flat rate or $3,250 + revenue sharing fee Social Media Management - $750 + (ad spend, if applicable) Sales and Marketing Assets - $750 Explainer Videos - $2,500 Recruiting - $3,750 Salesforce Consulting - $150/hour and by quote Website Design and Development - $7,500 Paid Search Advertising - $250 or 25% of ad spend (whichever is greater) Platform as a Service - $100/user/month

Cancel Anytime

We hate to see you go, but you can cancel at anytime simply by emailing us with written notice. You last day of service will be the last day of the current month - no additional fees.

Referral Credits

For each active Outbound Lead Generation referral, you will receive a $100/month invoice credit. There is no limit to how many referral credits you can earn. (Yes, your program can become free or better).

Absolute Exclusivity

We work for one client, per market, per industry - period. We do not repurpose critical sales intelligence for future clients.


We accept Credit Card and ACH transfer via Stripe, physical check, and cash. By default, customers are billed monthly on a designated credit card via Stripe Subscription.


We recommend setting up an email account on your domain for your Arsenal SDR to operate manually and to incorporate in our email automation.

Partner Meetings

We recommend setting up a monthly recurring meeting to review results, plan for the future, and make any other changes, etc. as necesssary.


Salesforce, RingCentral, Autopilot, D&B Hoovers, UpLead, DiscoverOrg, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, DocuSign, Plastiq,, SEMrush, MOZ, Wordpress, Wix, Google Ads, Pixelmator Pro, Yext, Hootsuite, Vyond, SpyFu, Keyword Spy. We are constantly adding to our arsenal (haha), so check in periodically to see if we've added more!

Calendar Sharing

Sharing availability with your SDR will allow them to schedule meetings that work with your schedule. For example, you can allow limited calendar viewing credentials on the Office 365 email address you setup for us to use or you can use a free service like We highly recommend utilizing a free Calendly account to offer prospects a way to schedule a sales meeting from a link sent via email.

Arsenal HQ

We're proudly based in Wildwood, MO - just outside of St. Louis, MO. As of January 2021, we also operated a secondary location in Saint Charles, MO.

Implementation (No fees)

We implement your program in 30 days or less. We do not charge an implementation/onboarding fee. To ensure all partners are seriously moving forward, we take payment for your second month upfront, and apply it as a credit for your second month. Normal monthly invoicing resumes thereafter. You can schedule your first implementation meeting at


Go to our Shop page and checkout a sales rep to get started! Next steps will be emailed to you after checkout.

Phone Number

We setup a dedicated phone number with a matching local area code for your SDR to make phone calls from.


We purposefully hire Sales Development Representatives before bringing you on as a partner. By taking this approach, it allows you to interview the SDR prior to moving forward with us, which in turn creates better SDR/Partner matches, and long term working relationships. You can watch Arsenal SDR interviews here.


If you would like to partner with us, but we do not have an available SDR to pair you with, you may request a reservation by sending in a deposit in the amount of your first month's payment. Once an SDR is identified and you've interviewed and approved of them, we will implement your program at the beginning of the next month. Your deposit will be applied as your first month's payment. You may request a return of your deposit at anytime prior to subscribing.

Pay to Play Policy

We do not pay to apply for and/or to win awards. We do not pay to receive and/or remove reviews. We do not pay organizations to create, bury, hide, rearrange, and/or manipulate reviews.

Money Back Guarantee

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE FOR OUTBOUND LEAD GENERATION. Should you decide to cancel services, you may elect to receive a full refund in the amount of your current month's service fee. We may process this refund via credit card or with a physical check. If you elect this option, you forfeit your competitive intelligence exclusivity and grant Arsenal the ability to repurpose all competitive intelligence, sales appointments, program data, etc. for a future client. You still retain the right to download all data for your own use.

Subscription Terms and Conditions

TERM. This is an ongoing, month-to-month partnership. We do not require long-term contracts. SCOPE. We will perform service(s) as described in the Statement of Work(s) section. IMPLEMENTATION. There are no fees for implementation (month 1). A deposit in the amount of your monthly fee will be required to begin implementation. This deposit will be applied as payment for month 2 of services (the go-live month). Normal invoicing and payment schedules resume thereafter. PAYMENT. Payment for service(s) will be due on the 1st of each month. By default, you will be enrolled in a monthly recurring subscription and payment will be processed on the designated credit card on the due date. You may elect to pay via physical check. Invoices for check paying customers will be delivered electronically on or around the 15th for the following month’s services (net 15). REVENUE SHARING PLANS. Revenue sharing fees will be paid directly to your sales representative as a 1099 contractor. Time of is of the essence with respect to paying your sales representative - pay promptly after collect payment from the new client. Canceling services does not cancel fees. If your sales development representative voluntarily terminates employment with Arsenal, then the remainder of revenue sharing fees will be paid to Arsenal. Managed IT Services Provider (MSPs)
10% fee assessed on gross monthly recurring revenue won from appointments and paid via 12 monthly payments. Ex. Win a $5,000/month deal and pay your rep $500/month for the next 12 months. If you lose the client during a revenue payment period, you are not required to pay the remainder of the fees. Commercial Roofing
5% fee assessed on gross revenue won from the appointments and paid in one lump sum payment. Ex. Win a $500,000 reroof/new roof and pay $25,000 one time. CANCELLATION. Either party may cancel this agreement without penalty for any reason or no reason at all by submitting a written notice of cancellation to the other. To cancel services with Arsenal, please address your email as follows: To: Cc: aaron@arsenalbg; (also include your SDR's email address) Subject: Notice of Cancellation - (your company name) We will provide services for the remainder of the month, unless otherwise instructed. You will be able to download your full pipeline via our CRM or may request we download and send to you in .xls/.csv format. NON-PAYMENT. We may cancel and/or suspend services for non-payment on or after the 5th of the month. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. We retain the intellectual property rights to everything we create, collect, develop, etc. You hold a perpetual license to use, edit, distribute, post, etc. these items as you please. CONFIDENTIALITY. We will not release, or make public, info designated as confidential. You will be listed on our online partner map. INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR. You are hiring us as an independent contractor. LEGAL. Any litigation will be filed in a Court of St. Louis County, Missouri and be interpreted under the law of Missouri. EXCLUSIVITY. For the duration of our partnership, we will not prospect or sell to the same businesses or contacts for a competitor. After our partnership has ended, we will not repurpose competitive intelligence (info not easily available to public) gained through our process for a competitor. You forfeit this right if you refuse to pay, attempt to evade, and/or evade paying subscription fees and/or revenue sharing fees. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Should you decide to cancel services, you may elect to receive a full refund in the amount of your current month's service fee. We may process this refund via credit card or with a physical check. If you elect this option, you forfeit your competitive intelligence exclusivity and grant Arsenal the ability to repurpose all competitive intelligence, sales appointments, program data, etc. for a future client. You still retain the right to download all data for your own use.

Statement of Work

Pricing Flat Rate: $4,250/month *Revenue Sharing: $3,250/month + Revenue Sharing Fees Implementation (approximately the first 30 days) market research build prospect list, setup sales process, setup 800 number, setup email process, build reporting, develop call guide, create email library, setup surveys, setup appt process, train sales team, setup technologies Deliverables 100 new prospects/month, 500+ sales calls/month, Email marketing, Lead cleansing, Collect sales intel, Lead introduction, Lead nurturing, Set sales appointments Technologies, Autopilot, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, UpLead, D&B Hoovers, RingCentral Client Requirements Complete implementation packet, Setup new email address, Review/approve prospect list, Review/approve email library, Grade calls & provide feedback, Attend sales meetings as needed, Attend monthly calibration meeting, Report, match-back new sales, *Pay revenue sharing fees (on applicable revenue sharing clients only)


How do I download the iOS application?

Go to to download directly from the App store.

How do I access the app?

You can either checkout a sales rep and Arsenal will automatically create an account for you, or you can sign up directly through the app. In either case, Arsenal will reach out to schedule your implementation call and make sure you have login credentials once you've become a partner.

Why make an iOS application?

We're constantly innvoating and trying to push the envelope of what's possible when it comes to client satisfaction. The feedback we were getting from our clients was that communicating with their reps via email was clunky, being able to lookup contacts via salesforce desktop/mobile was difficult, and there was a real desire to make an application specifically for our clients benefit. You asked - no we're delivering!

How do I communicate through the iOS app?

Easy! 1.) Select the conversation icon in the top right of the home screen. 2.) Pick the person you'd like to communicate with push notifications. 3.) Send a message! *Remember, you can always call or email us directly, too!

How do I update my user profile?

Click your profile picture icon on the top left hand side of the home screen to view your profile. Click the button to edit your profile and then make any necessary changes before updating.

How can I review my contacts, leads, appointments?

Click the Contacts button on the home screen to be directed to the contacts section. You filter between Suspects, Cleasning, Leads, Appointments, and All contacts on the lower menu. You can also search by name at the top of the page to find a specific contact easily.

How do I get in touch if I need additional help?

You can always contact your sales rep directly. If you don't have their contact info saved in your phone, you can use the app to lookup all their contact information in the Directory section. Don't forget to shoot them an Arsenal message via Conversations!

Using the Directory.

You can lookup any user you're supposed to have access to in our user directory. Find your rep, other partners like you who've expressed interest in sharing ideas, or anyone else at Arsenal.

How do I download all of my data?

Send a message via the app or email directly and we'll download your data and send to you securely in a .csv file.